Cincinnati Ohio In home Couple Photoshoot

Meet Sarah and Matt. Their humble home resides In the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio. I had the absolute privilege to celebrate the love Sarah, Matt, and their cutie little pup, Ada, shares. From the streaming light reflecting off the disco balls in their apartment, to Ada crashing nearly almost every photo, their story serves as a reminder that the most beautiful moments are not staged or rehearsed but rather are discovered in the authenticity of life itself.


Love is a beautiful journey, and for Emily and JT, that journey has led them to the vibrant streets of downtown Cincinnati. Their engagement shoot was not just about capturing their love for each other, but also the essence of their fun-loving personalities. From sipping cocktails at Sundry and Vice to revisiting the place where their love story began at Washington Park, their engagement shoot was filled with laughter, warmth, and a genuine connection that was impossible to miss.


Ellen and Brian’s engagement session was a perfect blend of urban charm and heartfelt moments, set against the stunning landscapes of this dynamic city. Let’s journey through their session, starting at Washington Park, complete with their furry companion, and concluding at a picturesque location atop a parking garage with breathtaking city views.

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