You’re Engaged! Now What?

Jenna Solomon


May 24, 2023


Congratulations! You just got engaged. As a newly engaged girly, I understand all of the feelings you’re experiencing! Pure bliss, excitement, and…”holy crap I need to plan a whole WEDDING now.” It’s daunting to look at the ever evolving list of things you need to do just so you can become a Mrs. As a wedding vendor, and now bride, I got you. Here’s a list of next steps to help ease your mind a bit.

1. Find a venue
The first vendor I would book is the place you’re wanting to get married. Before you can move ahead with finding a photographer, florist, and even wedding gown (they ask for your date so they know when it needs to be ready by) picking a venue and date is crucial. Vendors can’t get you solidified in their book because well…they don’t have a date. Make sure this is done, or you at least have a date picked before you reach out to ANYONE else. 

2. Pick a photographer
Vendors book fast. You hear this all the time in the wedding industry. I promise you we’re not just trying to make a sale when we say, “if you’re thinking about inquiring with me, now’s the time.” We really do put a cap on the number of projects we take on each year so we can serve you, the client (and hopefully friend by the end of it!), in the best way that we can. Choose your photographer first because it’s one of, if not the most, important vendor you can book. 

3. Do your engagement shoot
After you book your photographer, go ahead and get your engagement session on the calendar! You can’t invite your friends and family to your wedding if you don’t have any photos for your save the date. When you book with Jenna Martin Photo, this is the next step in the process leading up to your wedding day. If you aren’t interested in an engagement shoot, here’s why I would do one: 
I. Because you want to remember your engaged season. It’s so easy to jump from girlfriend to “bride planning a wedding” but enjoy being engaged and document this very short season you’re in. 
II. Because it’s super fun. Let’s be honest, your engagement session SHOULD be fun. When you book with me, your E-sesh will feel like a date night caught on camera.
III. It breaks the ice with your photographer. I’ve shot weddings in the past that felt extremely awkward, and the main reason for that was because I didn’t take the time to get to know my couple better. (newbie Jenna trying to figure out how to be a business woman. We all start somewhere!) Doing an engagement shoot is a GREAT way to break the ice, get to know each other, and see how we shoot and get you moving. If you know what to expect on your wedding day, you won’t be as aware of the camera in your face and you can be present in the moments that unfold throughout the day.

4. Send your save the dates
After your engagement shoot, send out those save the dates and show off your future spouse to the world! I would recommend that you start gathering addresses a couple weeks before your deadline for them to be sent out so you aren’t stressed, and you can enjoy being engaged. 

5. Take deep breaths
Planning a wedding is hard, but remember the why behind it. Remember that the motivation for all of this is to marry your person surrounded by your favorite people. This season isn’t forever, and it goes by in the blink of an eye. 

Did these tips help? I would love to chat more about what it could look like to have me as your wedding photographer. (and mini assistant – I’m the person you’ll spend the most time with outside of your new spouse) Head to my contact page to inquire, and let’s get your dream day in the books. 

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